Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The BEST Disney advice

Today I was talking with a friend that is headed to Disney World over spring break and she asked me for some advice on dealing with the expected crowds.  We talked about a few ways to deal with the crowds.  About some touring plans.  And then I offered her my best advice.  And that advice holds true year round - whether you have spring break crowds, Christmas crowds, or off season crowds.  And that advice?  Be there BEFORE the park opens.

Yes.  BEFORE.  In crowded times, 45 minutes before is a good option - 15 or 20 minutes before it opens in the off season.  WHY?  Often Disney will begin letting guests into the park 15 minutes before the posted opening time (and over Christmas break, they were letting in guests 30 minutes early).  By being at the gate, ready to go into the park you have a HUGE head start on the majority of guests who will visit Disney that day.  So many people - when they go on vacation - want to relax.  Sleep in.  And then mosey on over to their park of the day.  So, when those families arrive at the parks at 11am or noon - you have probably seen at least half of the park (if not more) and you are ready to head back to your resort for a nap.  Or even an afternoon by the pool.  You are now doing that relaxing while those other families are standing in long lines.   

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