Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disney's photopass

Disney offers a wonderful service to you while you are on your vacation - they will take great pictures of you and your whole party.  There are photographers stationed throughout the parks (and waterparks) - typically in front of the icons and sometimes they are even paired with characters.  When you first get to the parks, request a photopass card from the first photographer that takes your picture.

This card - about the size of a credit card - will have a unique number on the back that you can register online so that you can view your pictures.  When you get that card, take a clear picture of it with your own camera or phone (or both) so that if you lose the card, you'll still have access to your photos.  You can register more than one card to your account.  This is a great thing if you are part of a larger group that splits up - everyone can be sure to have their photos taken while they are in the parks.

At the water parks, you'll be given a smaller card that you can attach to your wrist - and it looks like this:

Photopass is great because you'll be able to get pictures of everyone - including the usual photographer!

When you've registered your card, you can edit your photos online - and you can even add borders to your pictures:

Let me tell you about two of those pictures above.  The first is of my daughter, Madalyn - the one with the photopass around her wrist.  That picture was taken in the "kids" section of the water park.  They have a zipline and "icebergs" for the kids to walk across.  It's not really accessible to the adults.  Actually my teens weren't permitted to go in because they are too tall.  So - with photopass, I can see all the neat things that they did - and what I "missed" while I sat at my chair reading my book!

The second photo I want to mention is another at the waterpark - the one of the girl going down the very steep slide.  That is my daughter's friend Hannah who went on vacation with us last summer.  There were photographers taking pictures of you as you went down the slide - and then expression you wore when you got to the bottom.  Again, this is a picture I would never have been able to get - and am so thankful that there were tons of memories captured through this great service.

You can also add another type of border - a character autograph.  This option is not always available - but I love when it is there:

When you go to look at your pictures, you may find that you have received some "magic" shots.  There are a number of ones that might be taken (and feel free to ask your photographer if they can do one for you - I know that the photographers working with tripods cannot) - but this is my favorite:

Another cool thing that you might find when you login to your account are "bonus" pictures.  These are stock Disney photos that you now can use for your own personal albums.  Here are two that came with our last photopass CD:

Your photos expire after 30 days - so be sure to do your editing and your borders pretty soon after you arrive home.  When you receive your cd, it will include all your photos.  When you put a border on a photo, the website saves it with the border - and there is also a copy without the border - so you still have an "original" print.  A lot of photos fit on a CD - I think that my last one had over 300 images!

The cost of the CD is $149 plus tax and shipping.  However, you can use this link - purchase the CD before your trip, you will only pay $99 plus tax and shipping!  It really is risk free - if you don't like the pictures the photographer took - or you couldn't find photographers - or you only really like one or two pictures - Disney will give you a FULL refund!

So...are you the main photographer in your family?  Do you make sure to have someone take pictures of you?  What do you most like (or want to) to photograph at Disney? 


  1. Great pictures!!! We are heading down there (I'm in Alabama) during our Spring Break and we are so excited!! Thanks for the tip about the photopass!

  2. Oh!! Your pictures make me want to go back. Now!!


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