Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Beach Club Resort review

The Beach and Yacht club resorts are on Crescent lake and located between Epcot and Hollywood studios.  This is a great location as you can either walk or take a boat into the parks.

My husband and I stayed at the Beach Club for the first time in February – we were celebrating our anniversary – and left the children at home!  We arrived late on a Thursday evening and checked in – discovering that our standard room reservation had been upgraded to a water view room.

We walked through seemingly never ending winding hallways to finally find our room.  We had a great balcony with two chairs overlooking a quiet pool and with a view of crescent lake and the Boardwalk.

We had left our bags in the car (my husband would rather schlep the bags in several trips than pay a tip to bell services!) and I decided to head back down to the lobby to see if it might be possible to switch to a room with a king bed.  The front desk was very accommodating and they let me know they could switch us – but just not tonight.  We would just check out in the morning and then check right back in to the room we’d prefer. 

The next morning, Michael went down to the Beachclub marketplace to get some breakfast – and we ate out on our balcony as we waited for bell services to store our bags til our new room was ready.  Poor hubby – would have to tip bell services after all!

We spent our morning and early afternoon at Animal Kingdom and then headed back to the resort to see if our room was ready.  And it was!

Here is our new king room:

We had a view of a garden – but for some reason, I didn’t take a picture.  Our balcony also changed – and it was a very narrow one with no room for chairs.  But the trek to the room was not quite as meandering as our original room.

The skies were rather overcast but today seemed like our only opportunity to check out the Beach Club’s famous pool complex – Stormalong Bay.  I walked around taking pictures while Michael went to check out the slide.  There are several hot tubs, swimming areas, and even a sand bottom beach area for the kids.  There were pool side activities for the kids as well.  Michael and I hung out in the lazy river – with the ducks – before I went to warm up in the hot tub.  Disney does heat their pools year round – but there had been a bit of rain recently so the pool was a bit chilly for my tastes.

I am so glad we got to use Stormalong Bay as the next day was the coldest day of the winter for Florida – with wind chills in the twenties – and yes, we still saw people in the pool.

Also, one night during our stay we ate at the Cape May Clam Bake for dinner.  It’s a delicious seafood buffet with crab legs, mussels, fish, fried calamari or shrimp (depending on the day of the week), BBQ ribs, prime rib, fabulous side dishes – and then the truly amazing dessert of oreo bon-bons.  (I think that a dining review of this restaurant is in order!)

Overall, we had a great stay at the Beach club and I’d highly recommend it!

Location, location, location
Stormalong Bay
Cape May Café
Childcare onsite
Beaches and Cream

No food court (there is a counter service, but they don’t make to order and the selection is very limited)
Winding, seemingly never ending hallways


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  1. What a great overview, and I loved the pictures!

    I kindof overlook this resort (on my wish list ;) but now I think we need to check it out! At least the Cape May Cafe, huh??


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