Monday, March 5, 2012

Special Dining Events: Wishes Dessert Party

Last November we took the opportunity to go to the Wishes Dessert Party in the Magic Kingdom.  This special dining event takes place at the Tomorrow Land Terrace restaurant.

You check in an hour before Wishes is scheduled to begin and your family is assigned a table.  Our family name was on a cute name card marking our spot.  After we got settled, we headed for the dessert buffet.  There are A LOT of options.   From cookies and brownies to beautiful chocolate covered strawberries to tarts and cheesecake and mousse and even cannoli.

After we enjoyed perhaps a bit too much sugar, we gathered along the rail and were able to see Tinkerbell come down the wire right over us, signaling the beginning of the Wishes Fireworks show.

It was really nice to be able to see both "The Magic, Memories, and You" and "Wishes" from a covered and seated location.  No dealing with crowds on Main Street.  No waiting for hours to get that prime spot.  You do get a great view.  A nice seat.  And yummy desserts.  Prices range from $15 - $35/person.  When we went in November - just before Thanksgiving it was about $27/adult.

Have you done a dessert buffet before?  Do you have a favorite night time show at the Magic Kingdom?

(Many thanks to my friend Shannon for sharing some of her dessert pictures!)


  1. You are welcome for the pictures!

    We enjoyed the Dessert Party. Especially since it had rained just about an hour before... knowing we'd have a dry spot to sit and watch Wishes was awesome. And the desserts were really good.

    My girls are hoping we can do this on our trip next year!


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