Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1900 Park Fare - A Dining Review

I have two daughters - 11 and 14.  They are not girly girls.  They are not into princesses.  And not into characters too much either.  However.  And this is a big however.  They LOVE villains.  They were thrilled when they got to meet the Evil Queen during characterpalooza at Hollywood studios.  In heaven meeting Cruella at the Halloween party.  And they were beside themselves in anticipation of meeting Lady Tremain and the step-sisters at 1900 Park Fare.

We arrived quite a bit early for our dinner reservation as I wanted some time to walk around the Grand Floridian resort.  I love the Victorian style - and the grandeur that you feel when walking around the grounds.

The girls had finally had enough of my exploring and we went to check in.  We had a very short wait in the lobby before we were buzzed to go back to our table.

If you'd like, you have the opportunity for a photographer to take a family picture in front of a mural - but we chose not to partake.  1900 Park Fare is divided into three sections - and we were in the middle section, right by the buffet.

We had a bit of time before the characters would make their way to our table, so we went to get our dinner.  I have heard lots of mixed reviews of the dinner here.  This is our second time for dinner (and we've done breakfast as well - completely different set of characters for breakfast!) - and we've always found it delicious.

Here are Katie's plate and my plate - no telling what Madalyn had on her plate :-)

(Katie's plate - clockwise from the top: pasta alfredo, sourdough bread, mashed red potatoes, strawberries, watermelon, sushi, caesar salad, and green beans)

(My plate - clockwise from the top: roll, mashed red potatoes, prime rib, pasta alfredo, and I wish I could remember what this was - I think chicken marsala - and it was INCREDIBLE!  I wish I had some right now! -- caesar salad - and in the middle seafood paella - also incredibly delicious!)

Shortly after starting on our dinner, we were visited by both Cinderella and Prince Charming.  They were both very sweet.  But I am not sure I understand why Charming needs a horrid wig.

 (photography tip: if the people you are photographing are standing up - you need to stand up, too.  No one looks good when the camera looks up from a seated position.  Note to self: follow photography tips from now on!)

Finally, the characters we were waiting for arrived!  First up was Lady Tremain.  She very much enjoyed hearing that we were having a girls night out and that we left my husband at home.

Next up was Anastasia.  She was most curious about Katie's t-shirt.  (It's from a web comic called Homestuck)  Katie told her it was a "hero of mind" shirt (not that I even know what that means!) - and so Anastasia asked if that meant she was a scholar.  Katie decided to wing it and just say "yes!"  Then Anastasia proceeded to tell Katie all about Drizella's problems with math and that she could really use a tutor.  Katie just ate it up!

About the time this was going on, Drizella was making her way around the dining room.  And she discovered a little girl that had brought a stuffed animal with her - a kitty.  Drizella put it on her head and LOUDLY yelled to Lady Tremain (who was in a completely different section of the restaurant!) that she wanted a kitty and would she please get her a kitty and that she really needed a kitty.  I think that my girls began to hyperventilate from laughter.

During the evening, there is an announcement that comes on stating that it is time for Charming and Cinderella to do a waltz.  They dance for a bit.  And then go and find a young prince/princess to dance with them.  Drizella and Anastasia dance too.  But it is definitely not waltzing.  More like hopping.  But they were hilarious - and their partners seemed to enjoy the fun.  We also watched a young pirate turn down Cindy and seek out Anastasia!

Finally we got to meet Drizella.  Katie told her that she heard she might need some help with math - so Drizella LOUDLY yells to Anastasia "DID YOU TELL HER THAT I NEED HELP WITH MATH.  THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SECRET!"  (Imagine this in the most screechiest voice possible)  Again, my girls were THRILLED with their encounters.

Anastasia managed to come by again - and Katie told her that we love villains.  Anastasia stayed true to character and wanted to know what we could be talking about.  So, Katie went another route explaining that they don't like princesses.  Anastasia agreed - saying that Cinderella must not be smart because she can only dance in a box and she talks to mice.

Overall, we loved our dinner here.  The food was wonderful.  The characters were top-notch.  Even if you have a princess lover, I think they will be thrilled by the interactions.

If you want to see more Disney pictures - be sure to go to Focused on the Magic!

So...what about you?  Do you love princesses or villains?  Have you entered for my very first giveaway yet?!



  1. I'll have what's on Katie's plate...and then I'll have what's on yours! :)

  2. Now I am hungry - and it's not even 10 AM!!

  3. Villians! Definitely villians! Great review and great pics to go along with it.

  4. We went to this dinner the last time that we were at Disney as well. Lady Tremaine and her daughters are definitely full of personality and very entertaining! Love the last picture!!

  5. Sounded like Drizella stole the show!

  6. Well, CRAPOLA. Now I'm wondering if I should take the girls here in October. We're not Princess-lovers by any means, but this looks like a hoot. I'll show Libbey and Caroline this post and see if it piques their interest.

  7. Sounds like an awesome time! I love Drizella and Anastasia. I think we need to eat there soon. :)

  8. What a fun experience & great review! We too love kidding around with Lady Tremaine & her girls! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

  9. The last shot is definitely the winner! I usually tell my girls that they are supposed to stay away from the bad people, but I imagine that a visit to this meal might make them change their mind. The "villains" look like a blast.

  10. We met them in Fantasy Land and my little girl loved them! She told them she was there for her birthday and Lady Tremain went on about inviting the girls to the party and how they'd be the Belle of the Ball and such. It was too cute!

  11. I could hang out with your girls any day! These are some priceless interactions- I bet your family might become regulars... :D (How's the tutoring going?)

  12. Great post, as always, Katrina! I love how you create the whole experience for us.

    And your "sitting down photography" tip cracked me up.

    BTW, I think it's cause Charming's bald with tats on his head.

  13. I love how much fun your girls had. Love the narrative too and I almost felt like I was there with all of you. It's surprising how bad that wig looks on the Prince.

  14. Thank you for your review! We haven't had a chance to have a meal here yet and with the mixed reviews, I wasn't sure if I would want to, but your review has convinced me to try it :) Oh, and I'm VERY impressed that you were able to label your food pics with what everything is - I need to remember to do that for mine as well.

    Great story and pics of the character interaction as well. Those stepsisters are hilarious!

  15. we are not princess fans at all here either. My dd much prefers Tink and I'm a Mickey girl all the way. I've heard many good reviews of this place which prompted my questions but this one along with your great pictures seals the deal!! We will be there this Oct. and I can NOT wait!!


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