Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Caribbean Beach Resort Review

This past December, the girls and I stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach resort - and we just loved our stay.

The resort is not too far from Downtown Disney, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  (And if you are driving to the world and looking for the Caribbean Beach resort, it is categorized as an Epcot area resort)

The Caribbean beach is comprised of two-story pastel colored villages that are clustered around Barefoot Bay.

The landscaping cannot be called anything but lush.  Lots of tropical flowers.  Palm trees.   White sand beaches.  There is even a marina where you can rent boats.

The first time we stayed at this resort I was so surprised to discover that you could see the fireworks from Illuminations from the beach!  Usually this is something that is pretty exclusive to the deluxe resorts.  A word of caution - not only can you see the fireworks - but it seems as if they are set off very close to this resort - and at 9pm, it's REALLY loud! 

In December we stayed in Aruba - and if you note on the map it seems forever and a day away from the food court and main pool.  However, it was a quick (and beautiful) walk as I just cut across the bay by using the bridge near my village.  If you don't want to make the walk, you can just go to your closest bus stop and there is an internal bus that can deliver you to your destination (such as the main pool, food court, or the Custom house to check in or out).

Each village has their own quiet pool - and the main theme pool is located in Old Port Royale.  The pool is themed like a Caribbean fort.  And there is even a little kids area that looks like a pirate ship.

Speaking of Pirate ships - there are "Storybook" rooms at the Caribbean beach resort.  This means that the room is completely decked out as a Pirate ship.  The beds look like galleons.  The curtain in the bathroom has a pirate skull.  The carpeting on the floor resembles the gang plank.  HOWEVER, I hear that the beds for these Pirate rooms are really uncomfortable.

Now a "regular" room at the resort has a "Finding Nemo" theme - and they are very nice - with very comfortable beds.  Again.  However. All moderate resorts at Disney now have queen beds - except Caribbean beach which still has double beds.

(Please pardon our mess.  This is what happens when you forget to take a picture when you first arrive!)

We had quite a few meals in the resort food court.  There are a number of themed stations there with lots of choices.  There is also a table service restaurant at the resort as well - Shutters

1.  Fabulous staff
2.  Gorgeous, lush landscaping
3.  Main pool is lots of fun
4.  Good sized room with lots of storage - very clean
5.  You can see fireworks from the bay!

1.  HUGE resort - so it is not often convenient to get to the food court or main pool
2.  bus service - the buses run on time (every 15ish minutes) - but then it takes a while to get to ALL the stops at the resort (see #1)
3.  probable comfort issues with the Pirate themed rooms
4.  You can hear the fireworks - may not be good for sensitive children.

Overall - we really enjoyed our stay at the resort - and I would not hesitate to stay there again.  I think next time we'll try a preferred room and try to get a little closer to the main parts of the resort.

So...what about you?  Have you stayed at this resort?  Is it one you would want to try?

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  1. great info!! I so want to try this resort....

  2. Awesome review, we have stayed at CBR before but our son was super excited about the pirate rooms, so we are headed back at the end of the month. Will let you know about how comfy the pirate beds are.

  3. Another lovely looking resort - the water play area and the pirate-themed rooms look like so much fun!

  4. That really is a cool looking pool. Love the fireworks comment though. You're supposed to be in a Deluxe resort to see the fireworks, but I guess they make an exception if they're actually shooting the fireworks AT you.

  5. Oh my, I love that pirate ship! This looks like a fun stay; it's been years since I've been to Disney World, but I'll definitely always remember my time there.

  6. So pretty! I want to go there.

    To answer your question on my blog: Yup, we're visiting Rapunzel. That's the first thing she wants to do. She already has a dress and she's like, "I hope Rapunzel likes me and will dance with me."

  7. Terrific review! It looks like a beautiful resort! We never stayed there but after seeing those pirate beds, might give it a try!
    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the hop:-)

  8. I always love your posts - they are so fun and informative! And I'm ready to move in to the Pink Building... :)

    Haven't stayed there since I was a teen, and I always debate with small kids about the "spread out" factor. Didn't know that about fireworks though - very cool tip!

  9. This is one of our favorite resorts (my kids would say it is THE #1). It has a lot of fun offerings and the atmosphere of relaxation can't be beat! Our favorite island village is Jamaica.

  10. We stayed there once and it was beautiful, but it rained most of our trip so we didn't get a chance to explore very much. I would love to go there again and go to the pool, maybe try out the Pirate room. There are just so many cool things to do here.

  11. Oh my gosh- I never realized how BIG the Caribbean Beach resort is! (And it certainly reminds me of the real thing :D) Great review-

  12. I love the Caribbean! Great shots and post! :)

  13. Beautiful photos! I am adding this to my list when we make it back to FL. What a great looking resort that really makes you feel like you're in the tropics. My son would love the pirate ship and room. He'd settle for Nemo too.

  14. Wow! That resort looks brilliant! :D x

  15. My curiosity is piqued. CBR is on my short list of Disney resorts that I've never been to...and I want to fix that. Looks lovely!

  16. Beautiful pics, we stayed ther in January and loved it..

  17. Beautiful pictures! The pirate ship beds are so awesome. We've never stayed there, but I would consider it.


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