Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios

Happy Star Wars Day!  Or "May the Fourth be with you!"  And in honor of such a momentous occasion, let me tell you about a special Disney event called Star Wars Weekends.  Star Wars weekends are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Hollywood Studios (and is included with your regular ticket entry) from May 18 - June 10th.

What can you expect to find?

You will have many opportunities to get photos and interact with characters such as droids, bounty hunters, and even jedis.  Be sure to arrive early and be "welcomed" by the Storm troopers on the roofs above the turnstiles.

Around noon, there is a huge parade with all the characters and celebrities there for the festivities.  But beware of bounty hunters.

You'll find Mickey and Minnie dressed as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.  And you'll even get a chance to get autographs from celebrities!  This year Ray Park (Darth Maul) will be there as well as many voice actors from the series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

For kids aged 12 and younger, they can sign up for the Jedi training academy!  This event is actually available daily - not just during Star Wars Weekends.  If this is something your up and coming Jedi wants to do, you'll need to sign up as soon as you arrive (and arrive well before the park opens!) as the slots will fill quickly.  They young jedis will train and then get a chance to battle with Darth Vader himself!

(many, many thanks for the generosity of Joan Eddis-Koch for sharing all of the above photos with me - and with you!  If you click on her name you can see lots more photos from Disney and Star Wars Weekends.)
There is also specialized merchandise that is only available on these weekends.  From pins.  To posters.  To t-shirts.

And then my favorite.  There are specialty snacks on these weekends as well.  There are R2-D2 buckets that you can fill with popcorn.  Or Churros.  Or even slushies.

 (photo source)

And the be all end all of snacks - the Darth Vader cupcake:

(photo source)

During these weekends, fans come to the parks in costumes - so even if you are not a big Star Wars fan, it makes for a fabulous people watching experience.

So...what about you?  Have you been to Star Wars Weekends before?  (We will be there this year and I'll be sure to post lots of pictures of my people watching experience when we return!)



  1. We went to Star Wars Weekends last June and it was THE most fabulous event that Disney puts on at Hollywood Studios. Katrina really has some great tips about having fun during Star wars Weekends so be sure to plan with her. Her advice is right on the money and her planning tips will save you valuable time and increase the fun factor!

  2. Beautiful blog and pictures! As I can see you like Disney (I'm so intuitive, right?!) I invite you to read this story of what happened to me and my family this year at Boardwalk. Cray-Zay!

  3. Wow, I had no idea Disney had Star Wars weekends! That Darth Vader cupcake looks delish - I'd definitely take a bite of him to restore peace to the universe!

  4. I’m visiting from SITS. This looks like so much fun! I love Minnie as Princess Leia.

  5. You're site has a great look and lots of good posts. I'm a new follower. I think we are going in 2013 so I will be reading everything I need to know. Visiting from SITS.


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