Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boulangerie Patisserie (aka the Bakery in France): a review

When we go to Epcot, our favorite thing to do is not to ride rides.  Or meet characters.  Or try on kimonos.  Our favorite thing to do is to eat.  And one of our favorite places to stop is at the Boulangerie Patisserie (or as we call it, the bakery in France).  This gem is behind the main restaurant (Les Chefs de France) and next to the movie - "Impressions de France" (now, y'all be sure to say it with your finest southern accent!).

The bakery itself is rather small - you walk through - and there is only room for a single file line - with bakery cases on either side - both sides of the cases are the same.  You'll have a lovely French person to take your order and then you'll pay at the end of the line.  They do have a few main course items that are outstanding - quiche, a toasted ham and cheese (it's fabulous!) - and something else that I cannot recall. 

But.  We come for the desserts.  Let me explain my philosophy on desserts.  It's rather simple.  Chocolate is dessert.  Fruit is not dessert.  No matter how much sugar you use to dress it up, fruit is not dessert.  However.  And this is a big however.  My favorite dessert at the bakery is the Strawberry Tart.  I know.  I am a contradiction.  But.  There it is.

Isn't it gorgeous?  Beautiful glazed strawberries.  Over a pudding type filling.  In a shortbread crust.  You have to be uncouth and eat it with your hands.  And then be sure to send me an email to thank me for sending you there.

Another fabulous thing about coming to the bakery is to make everyone in your group get a different pastry so that you can try them all (while continuing to take big bites of your strawberry tart):

There is creme brulee

Chocolate cake

Some sort of almond croissant

An apple tart

The absolutely amazing, coming in second place after the Strawberry Tart - the Napoleon

And tied with the Napoleon is the Sacristain (it's a pastry with a slim vanilla filling, chocolate chips and a sugar glaze - kinda like a souped up chocolate croissant and lots, lots better)

Seating for this restaurant is very limited.  There are a few tables just outside, there are a few tables in the back of the (air conditioned!) gift shop right at the exit of the bakery.  And there are a number of benches where you could take your pastries all around the France pavilion.  But...there are some exciting changes coming - the bakery is going to have a massive expansion - including the addition of a second story (yippee for more seating!) and a 3000 square foot kitchen so that they can prepare fresh bread and sandwiches all day.  The expansion does not have a date yet - but I am excited for it to happen.

So...what about you?  Which pastry do you want to have?



  1. All of them! You would think with all the cake & icing I've been playing in this week I would not, but you would be so wrong!

    BTW I totally said that in my finest southern accent. :)

  2. Chocolate has no appeal to me, but those glazed strawberries looked mighty fine. (I didn't see any lemon bars- and good thing, too, because I might just have to fly to Florida if they did.)

  3. Yum! I love getting the toasted ham and cheese but the desserts are definitely the draw for me. Thanks for the review and for sharing your pics - now I'm hungry for a chocolate croissant :)

  4. Yum! I'd want to try everything. We'll have to stop in there when we go next year.

  5. Oh my, I am sooooo missing this place right now. That strawberry tart was excellent (and you know I completely agree with you on fruit not being a dessert)! The last one that you listed definitely shows some promise. Have I mentioned just how excited I am about October???


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