Thursday, August 9, 2012

All Star Sports resort - a review

My girls and I stayed at the All Star Sports resort for our Spring Break - the week before Easter.  Since our trip was a few weeks before my youngest's birthday, I let her pick which All Star resort we'd stay at - and she picked Sports.  Actually, I am not really sure why she picked it.  She does play tennis - but sports are really not her thing. 


We arrived on Monday afternoon knowing that the parks and the resorts would be really full because of the upcoming holiday.  But I was not prepared for the number of sports teams that were at the resort.  I know that this is the resort that lots of teams use when they come to compete at Disney.  But I really thought that this week would be more about families.  Ah - live and learn!

We had booked a preferred room which is in the "Surf's Up" section.  What does a preferred room mean?  It just means a location that is convenient to the food court, main pool, and the bus stops.  Preferred rooms are wonderful after a long day at the park and your feet don't think they can go another step.  Your preferred room is close by - while your standard room may require a hike.  However, preferred rooms are often far away from the parking lot - which we discovered as we schlepped all our luggage from the van to our preferred room!

Our room was typical of the value - two double beds, dresser, tv, small table with two chairs, bathroom area.  (I must apologize for my pictures.  I took them with my underwater camera and not my good one.  Oops!)

So, let's check out the resort.  If you are looking for a resort that is high energy, larger than life, and full of wonder, then the value resorts are the place for you.  All Star Sports carries that theme throughout all the sport icons and sections.

We've got Basketball

And Football

 (Do you know what those footballs are??  That is the stairwell!)

And baseball

 (The second themed pool is by the baseball section)


 (another stairwell inside of the can of tennis balls!)

and the preferred section - with Surfing

 (the main themed pool is by the surfing section - and you can see how close it is to the lobby and food court)

1.  Themeing is great - especially if you or your kids are sports fans
2.  Very nice food court with a great selection
3. When you share buses with the other All Star resorts, Sports if the first to pick up and the first to drop off.
4.  Cast members are great - courteous and friendly

1.  With all the sport groups that stay here, you end up with lots of teens and very little adult supervision.  And that lack supervision/adults leads to things like my own children being bullied on the bus by a group of teen girls.
2.  Again, with lots of sports teams, they travel in packs - and that could make for long waits in the food court, at check-in, at the buses.
3.  Pools are pretty crowded - and crowded and noisy pretty late at night.  I'd advise against a room facing the pool
4.  Another issue is that All Star Sports is unlike all the other resorts (all the other values - including the other all star values, and all the other moderates) - there is NO privacy curtain separating the sink area from the rest of the room.  So, if you want to get ready in the morning without waking everyone up with the lights, you are out of luck.

Overall, it's not a resort that I would stay at again.  It's not a resort that I'd recommend to my clients unless the sporting theme was just a must-have.  For our experience, the lack of supervision of the sports teams really clouded our experience and made the resort not as friendly to families.  Instead, I'd suggest the other All Stars and Pop Century as great alternatives!

So...what about you?  Have you had a good experience at All Star Sports?  Do you have a favorite value resort? 


  1. That looks fun! I'm pretty sure we're staying at Pop Century when we go.

  2. So sorry that your girls were bullied! I had no interest in ever staying at this resort, so now I'm really not interested. I enjoyed Pop Century and All Star Movies. However, I'm really itching to stay at Art of Animation now!

  3. Oh, here you are! :)

    The themes and designs are awesome, but I don't know, just doesn't sound like a pleasant experience.

    Thanks, again, for stopping by!

  4. I know this is an old post, but I'm scrolling through your Disney posts to find inspiration as I'm going with my family next year (we've never been to WDW, only ever Disneyland Paris!) I'm so sorry to hear that your daughters were bullied by some girls, sometimes I don't understand humanity or females for that matter!! Just wanted to leave a comment to say I absolutely adore this blog and your daughters and beautiful. A fan from the UK :)


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