Monday, August 20, 2012

Jammin' Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom Park

In our first few trips to Disney world as a family, I don't think we ever saw a parade.  My girls could not fathom sitting still for so long.  Or "wasting" park time by waiting instead of riding.  Or the worst option - sitting in the sun and sweltering while we waited.  Finally, I had to put my foot down and insist.  We finally managed to see the Halloween parade and the Electric Parade in Magic Kingdom.  And the Pixar Pals parade in Hollywood Studios.  And we finally managed to see Animal Kingdom's Jammin' Jungle Parade.

It's my very humble opinion that the Jammin' Jungle Parade is the best parade on property.  It does have the Disney characters.

But.  To me, it's charm is in its creativity and whimsy.

In fact, the abstract animal designs were created by Michael Curry who designed the puppets for the "Lion King" show on Broadway.

When we claimed our spot to watch this parade in June, I was all set to take lots of pictures.  But then.  I realized that my memory card on my camera was completely full - and I really had no time to go and dump some of the pictures - so all the pictures in this post were taken with my iphone.

Speaking of claimed spots - let's talk about where to watch the parade.  A key element to making this happen was to find a nice shady spot to wait.  (Shade being a prerequisite for us to watch a parade - it's the whole reason why we've NEVER seen the 3:00 parade in Magic Kingdom!)  And actually in Animal Kingdom, that is not too hard to find.  We not only found a shady spot - but a spot where the cast members allowed us to bring chairs from the tables by the water up to the tape marks.  We were seated across from the entrance to the "Flights of Wonder" bird show.

Here is a map of the park - and if you notice the dotted lines that run from Africa, around Discovery Island, and back to Africa - that is the parade route.

If your family is like mine, and not fans of waiting for a parade - you can head to Africa about 15 minutes after the parade has started - and catch it on it's way back.  You'll find yourself with a front row seat.  No crowds.  An no waiting.

So...what about you?  Do you have a favorite Disney parade?  Where is your favorite spot to see it?



  1. I have yet to see this parade.

    My favorite one is the Boo to You! parade... even though I've only seen it once. And that was right in front of the castle. We loved seeing all the characters dressed for Halloween!

  2. Shade IS key! Looks like a fabulous parade!

  3. This is my favorite parade also and you guys sat in the same place that we did! I am really excited about seeing the Halloween parade in October!


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