Monday, September 17, 2012

Characterpalooza at Hollywood Studios part 2

At Hollywood Studios there is an unadvertised character meet and greet - it's sort of an insider's secret.  And I am going to tell you how to get in on the action.  What has become known as "Characterpalooza" takes place at the Animation Studios - near the meet and greet for Sorcerer Mickey and the Animation class.  The timing of the event though, well that is a bit tricky.

Characterpalooza is completely tied to the Fantasmic schedule for the evening.

If Fantasmic starts at 6:30 or 7, there will be no Characterpalooza
If Fantasmic starts at 7:30, it will begin at 4:45 and last for about 20 minutes
If Fantasmic starts at 8:00 or later , it usually begins between 4:45 and 4:55 - and can last from 20 minutes to a little over an hour.  (This scenario also holds true on dates when there is no Fantasmic scheduled.)

As for which characters you might find - it's always a surprise! 

When we were there in the Spring, we met:





Mary Poppins:

Chip and Dale:

The interaction with Chip and Dale was fabulous.  Chip asked my older daughter to marry him - or at least to call him later.

And all of the above characters was in about 30 minutes (total time!!).

Another day, my oldest got to meet:

Pinocchio and Gepetto:

Chip and Dale again (no marriage proposals this time):

And Captain Hook with Mr. Smee:

(The above meetings took about 15 minutes total!).

You can check out my previous characterpalooza post to see some other characters we've met.

So...which character would you like to meet at the Characterpalooza??

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