About Keys to the Magic Travel

My name is Katrina Harris and I love all things Disney.  I think that love started very early in that I was raised in a small town just outside Orlando called Winter Park.  When Disney first opened in October of 1971, my uncle John had a job there working as a popcorn vendor on Main Street.

This picture was actually taken in September of 1971 when friends and family were invited to preview the park.  They needed to have a test run - figure out lines, crowd control and how to do their tasks with "real" customers.  Here is little me enjoying my day at the park:

Fast forward through the years - with Disney trips too numerous to count (including 6 in the past year alone!) -  when I was given the opportunity to work for a travel agency specializing in Disney, it was a dream come true.  I could talk all day long about my favorite thing.  And hold peoples’ hands as they navigated all that there is to know about Disney.  I look forward to help you to plan YOUR Disney trip!