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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adventures by Disney

A few summers ago, my neighbors (with their tween children) went to Europe with a tour group.  And after they returned they told me that it was amazing to be there - but that the kids were the only ones in the group - and that there were lots of times that they were just bored, crabby and fidgety.  We have never traveled internationally with the children - except for cruises - and I must admit that my neighbor's experience is something that I think holds families back from going to Europe - and certainly from trying any other exotic locale.

I would be like them - and unsure of my self in a foreign country - and would want to travel with a group.  But.  I'd want a group with families.  With kids close in age to my kids.  And an expert to lead the way.

Guess what?  Disney offers this service!  I know - until recently, I had no idea either.  Disney began "Adventures by Disney" in 2006 and every year their itineraries have grown - this year there are 22 destinations available including:  France, England, Australia and Tasmania, Italy, Costa Rica, China and the Galapagos Islands.  Next year their offerings are expanding even further to include Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia!

Groups are limited to 40 participants - and are lead by 2 Disney trained guides - one who is an American/native English speaker and one who is native to your destination.  You will see the top sites, interact with the locals, and do things with your kids that they will love.  For example, in Greece, your whole family will get a chance to make cheese; in Australia you'll decorate your bodies like the Aborigines and learn how to throw a boomerang; in China you'll make kites.  Also, in each destination, there is a night out with just the grownups while the kids stay behind for some traditional American food and Disney movies.  (AND Adventures by Disney does offer adults only tours, too)

Here are some videos showcasing the adventures you have in store:

Southeast Asia:

Costa Rica:

Australia and Tasmania:

Please email me at if you'd like further information or a quote for your Adventure by Disney!