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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brave Highland Games tournament at Epcot - and a giveaway!

Welcome to day three of our "Brave" celebration!

If you missed it, on Monday we looked at the Brave sand sculpture and yesterday we met Merida.

Today we are upping the anticipation for the movie by talking about the Highland games - and keep reading because there is a giveaway, too!

Now through July 8th, if you go to Epcot, be sure to check out the Highland Games.

These games are located by the rose gardens - on the walk from Future World towards the World Showcase (closer to the Canada side).  Also the games are just on the flip side of the sand sculpture - which is actually two sided - and we got to see someone working on the lettering (very cool to watch!)

When you arrive, you'll spin the wheel to see which clan you'll represent in the games.

You'll then be given a button to loudly proclaim your family ties.  My older daughter just wanted the button!

First up in the games is archery.  It's pretty much the same set up as the archery in the Merida meet and greet.

Next up is the Haggis Flip.  Here, you.  Umm.  Well.  You bang a hammer on this lever-thingy and then your haggis flies through the air and hopefully lands in a basket.  (I didn't want to confuse matters with scientific-y and engineering terms)

Then we have the cake toss.  The cake looks remarkably similar to the haggis.  Though I assure you that there really and truly is no confusion between haggis and cake.  And this game looks remarkably similar to a game we call corn hole.  But.  Anyway.  The goal is to toss the cake into the holes.

And finally there is the mini-caber toss.   Which having actually been to a Highland games festival - actually looks like a caber toss.  You stand up your caber and then.  Well.  You toss.  And great fun is had by all.

Finally, when you are done with the games, you can do a rubbing of your family "emblem."

Just an FYI - these games take place in the direct sun and there is not a spot of shade to be found!

Okay.  Now who wants a giveaway?!

So, last week I heard that Subway is giving away Brave lunch bags with each kids meal - and I knew that we needed these bags.  (Yes.  I said needed.)  And not only did I need all six of them.  But I knew that one of my readers needed them too.  So I have a complete set of all six bags just for you!

Aren't they great?  They are folded flat, but they do open and have a flat bottom with a velcro closure.

To enter, just follow the entries on the rafflecopter below - and if you have trouble with any of it, please just email me at and we'll get it figured out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So...what about you?  Which Highland game looks fun to you?  Have you ever been to a Highland games??  If you want to see more Disney photos - please be sure to check out Deb's website:  Focused on the Magic!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting Merida from Pixar's "Brave"

Welcome to day 2 of our celebration of the upcoming release of Pixar's new movie - "Brave."

Yesterday, I showed you a trailer for the movie plus the amazing sand sculpture at Epcot.

Today - we will talk about where you can meet the heroine - Merida.

She can only be found at the Magic Kingdom in the fairytale garden.  This is kinda tricky to find because it's not on the maps that you pick up at the parks!  If you are in the hub - walk on the spoke that is to the right of the castle, towards Fantasyland.  Merida's meet and greet is across from Cosmic Rays - to the left - and if you kept walking past it, you'd end up at the Tea Cups.

Merida meets intermittently all day.  At the entrance to the garden, you'll find a cast member who will control the number of guests that go in at one time.  The line itself forms beside the rose gardens and up towards the castle.

Once you are "in" - you'll find a large stone table in the middle of the area where your little ones can color while you continue to wait in line for them.  They can also try their hand at archery!

(Look at this cool action shot with my youngest - Madalyn - you can see the arrow flying! :-) )

And then finally, you can meet our heroine. 

There are photopass photographers stationed here - and you can add borders to your pictures if you get the photopass CD (below are your two options).

My only quibble with this location is the strong sun mixed with shadows - makes it difficult to get really good pictures.  Or perhaps our timing was just off.

So...what about you?  Would you or your children want to meet Merida?


Pixar's "Brave" sand sculpture at EPCOT

Today we are kicking off "Brave" week here at Keys to the Magic Travel.  My family and I are so excited for this movie to come out on Friday - that I think a week of celebrations are in order.  Our week will include amazing art, highland games, meeting the heroine of the movie, attending the movie in full regalia.  Oh.  And it gets better.  Because there is a giveaway in store as well!

First things first - have you seen the trailer?

There is a whole section at Epcot - by the rose gardens - on the way from future world towards the world showcase - featuring Brave.

And this sand sculpture is just amazingly detailed.  (And it really is sand.  It POURED this day - and later when we walked by - it needed some repair!)

See that black "fence" behind the sculpture?  Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what's there!

So...what about you?  Are you going to see "Brave" this weekend?