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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom

My very favorite counter service in all of Disney World is the Flame Tree BBQ found in Animal Kingdom Park.  It's located on Discovery Island, right between the bridge to Asia and the entrance to Dino-land.
Why is it my favorite?  Well, there are two main reasons:  Food and Atmosphere.
First - the food.  It is simply delicious.  My favorite thing to get is the pulled pork sandwich.  (You can get all the extra sauce you'd like at the condiment stations that are placed around the seating areas)  It comes with a side of coleslaw.  I am not a fan of any coleslaw, but my husband says it's really good.  Sometimes I'll even split this sandwich with my youngest - it's a pretty big serving.

(by the way, that liquid on my plate?  That is where one of my girls spilled some coke.  We are always stylin' here at Keys to the Magic Travel)
With some menu options, you'll get baked beans as your side.  We usually purchase one side of fries and one side of onion rings to share amongst the four of us.  And those onion rings.  Yum just does not seem to state strongly enough as to how good these are!
Another favorite menu item is the ribs.  I really like that they are smoked with a dry rub and then you add your preferred volume of sauce.  We tend to like ours as is!  (You do get wet wipes with your meal too in case you like lots of sauce.)
 And then sometimes my youngest prefers to get a kids hotdog meal instead of splitting a sandwich with me.  I don't protest too much.
Dessert offerings might be the only thing lacking at the Flame tree.  There are two options - a key lime mousse and a chocolate mousse.  I have never tried the key lime.  But the chocolate is okay.  
I think the bigger issue is that in the heat of this place, no one wants to eat pudding that has been sitting on the table while you finish your bbq.  If you are not on the dining plan, I'd skip dessert entirely and have a Mickey bar later in the day.

Food - check (amazing!)

Atmosphere:  Flame tree has atmosphere in spades.  It's all outdoor seating - but it's really not a problem, even on the warmest of days (well...except for your pudding).  There are quite a few covered pavilions with ceiling fans (and those condiment stations).  The vegetation is lush, and there is seating tucked away along pathways - with lots of shaded areas.    Those pathways wind around to a large pool/fountain with lots of shade and a cool breeze coming off the lake.  There are lots of native birds - like egrets - some of which can be a bit bothersome as they hope for a snack. 

And by that fountain - well, you can get the most amazing view.
So...what about you?  Do you have a favorite counter service restaurant?  What do you like to order at Flame Tree BBQ?