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Monday, July 9, 2012

Karamell Kuche (aka Caramel Kitchen) at Epcot

Karamell Kuche is in Germany in the World Showcase in Epcot (don't you love strings of prepositional phrases?!).  It's a rather unassuming little shop - and I think it could be easily overlooked.  Unless someone happens to know it's there.  And if that someone happens to know it's there and opens the door - the scent of that caramel wafting by will surely beckon all who are passing to enter the doors.

Oh.  That scent.  They should truly bottle it.  Behind the counter, you can see the caramel concoctions that are being created.  You might see them dipping marshmallows into caramel.  Or mixing caramel into popcorn.  Or perhaps you can just gaze at their newest caramel drizzled yummies.

(IF only computers had scent-o-vision)

I know it might not seem like it based on some of my posts here (like the one about the Main Street Bakery) - but I really do have a preference of savory and salty to that of sweet.  Meaning a loaf of bread, a bag of doritos, some popcorn would be my preference over ice cream, candy, or heaven forbid - even chocolate.  So...there is your caveat for my review!

Katie actually had one of those caramel drizzled cupcakes and she deemed it way too sweet.  Another offering that was also too sweet was the chocolate chip cookie with caramel drizzle:

I agree with her.

But she did try the salted milk chocolate and caramel and deemed it delish:

Now, Madalyn tends to pick my favorite - that delightful combination of sweet and savory - a chocolate and caramel covered pretzel.

And last summer, Hannah picked the caramel apple (they will slice it for you so that it's easier to eat - and easier to share - but Hannah wanted to eat it from the stick!) - which she said was fabulous:

So...what about you?  Do you like sweet or salty?  What caramel covered treat would you like to try?