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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Ziti Sisters show in EPCOT's Italy

There are some great shows around the world showcase in Epcot.  Like Miyuki in Japan.  Or Serveur Amusant in France.  Or the Dragon acrobats in China.  For my younger daughter, the Ziti Sisters are a can't miss experience.  Because every time we've seen them, she's also managed to become part of the show.

The Ziti sisters are Carmella, Katia, Rosalia, Paulina, and Teresa - and they appear most days for five shows in Epcot's Italy pavillion.  (Be sure to check the times guide as you arrive in the park to get the times for your date.)
 (above photo, © Disney)

Led by the sister on the accordion, the sisters "teach" about high Italian traditions such as music, fashion, dance and art.  And as they teach - they get the entire audience involved.  
Here, they are teaching about music and dance:

And here we have a lesson on art (or as they say - ar-tay!)

The show is great fun - and very funny!  So...what about you?  Do you have a favorite show in Epcot?  Have you ever seen the Ziti sisters?