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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

On July 30, 1999, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster opened at Disney's MGM theme park.  Happy 13th birthday to my favorite roller coaster!

And because it's also my 14 year old's favorite roller coaster, she is taking over today to tell you about her favorite ride:

My favorite ride in all of Disney World is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. It’s a fast, fun filled roller coaster located in Hollywood Studios.

The queue is decorated with band posters and concert tee shirts in the first half. During your wait, you will watch a video explaining the ride’s story; you are on a studio tour when you find Aerosmith recording a song. The have to leave for a concert, and offer to bring you with them. When you exit the holding room for the video, the ride scene transforms. There are limos lining up ready to take you to the Aerosmith concert.

Once you get into your limo you’re off to the tunnel entrance. 

There’s a flashy neon sign at the entrance, plus speakers right by both of your ears. A loud countdown is chanted by concert guests, and once it ends you’re off! 

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster takes you from a standstill to almost 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds!
The initial launch sends your limo straight into a loop. However, it’s so dark at this point many people can’t even tell that’s what they’re doing. From here on out your limo swooshes through the dark illuminated by several different neon signs and shapes. There are many swoops and turns, plus another loop and corkscrew. There is one hill, and it’s incredibly small and near the end. After the ride ends, you can see your ride photos that were taken as you first went into the launch.
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is my favorite ride because of the intense speed, launch, and loops. Anyone who enjoys thrill rides will definitely enjoy Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster!

One of the best ways to enjoy this ride is to be sure and get a fast pass - but if that doesn't work out, our family loves to use the single rider line.  We have done this - and timed it - and we have managed to get in the line, ride the ride, check out our ride pictures, and get back in line again in UNDER 8 MINUTES!  It is not always that fast - but it's often quite faster than standing in the regular stand by line.  It is a single rider line - you won't get to ride with your friends or family (though sometimes it does work out that you can - but not often!) - and you won't get to choose where you sit (we like to sit in the front or the back - and we request that) - but you'll get to ride multiple times without a lot of waiting.

The other thing that we LOVE to do is to make crazy pictures for our ride photos.  As we stand in line, we talk about what kind of pose we'd like to do.  And here are some of the results:

(The Stephen Tyler pose)

(not sure what happened here!  My youngest looks sleepy and my oldest looks constipated.  Mom and dad are into the groove though!)

(I believe this is our "Home Alone" look)

 (Rock on Dude!)

(Thumbs up - again, what is going on with my oldest - who knows? ;-)

So...what about you?  Do you have a favorite Roller Coaster at Disney?  Have you ever used the Single rider line?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Disney Quest: A Kid's review

Last year, we got premium annual passes - and those passes not only gave us access to the four main Disney parks but also to both water parks and Disney Quest.  I have quite enjoyed hanging out at the water parks - but Disney Quest was really not on my to-do list.  Last summer, my husband would go with my girls.  But.  I came to realize that because we go to the parks a lot, my girls were really old enough to navigate the Disney transportation system and get themselves to Disney Quest and then back to our resort.  Thus I was off the hook for a visit.

But.  During our last visit, I thought I'd take one for the team and check it out myself - and get some pictures for you.  In a nutshell, Disney Quest is a five story arcade and a kids dream come true.  We were there on a rainy day - so on that day, I'd say it was not my favorite place.  But.  If games are your thing - there is a lot of fun to be had here.

Here is what my 11 year old daughter has to say about Disney Quest:

Do you like adventure?  What about creativity?  Have you ever wanted to create your own roller coaster?  Then Disney Quest is the place!  In Disney Quest you can have the interactive experiences of being a pirate, an imagineer, or even an super hero.  

There are five floors in Disney Quest with many things for you to do.  On the first floor you can enjoy exploring the late cretaceous period.  Also, you can become a pirate in the Virtual Pirates of the Caribbean.  The lines on this floor can be 45 minutes long - so you might want to make it your first stop.

(The above picture is from the virtual Jungle Cruise - or your visit to the cretaceous.  You can't see the screen - but you paddle according to the screen - and your raft reacts accordingly, too.  It looks way cool.)

On floor two, you can draw the classic Disney characters like Mickey or Minnie.  The other major attraction on this floor is designing your own roller coaster.

On floor three you can become a comic book hero.  

(I actually can't recall which floor this was taken on - but there are a lot of virtual games - and here you can see the set up for one)

On floor four you can relax and have a snack.  

And finally on floor five, you can play classic arcade games.

Disney Quest is perfect for a rainy day.  You NEED to go to Disney Quest.

So...there you have it.  The opinion of a tween.  So...what about you?  Have you ever been to Disney Quest?  What part do you think you'd like to try?


Monday, March 19, 2012

Splash Mountain - A Kid's review

I meant to do this post last week as part of Focus on the Magic's theme of the week - Frontierland.  However, my week got away from me.  But, I didn't want this review to get away from you!  Splash Mountain tells of Joel Chandler Harris' iconic characters - the same ones that can be seen in Disney's "Song of the South" movie.  This is not a ride that I like at all.  Mostly because I don't want to get wet.  But.  My children.  They enjoy a good soaking.  You don't get as wet as you do on Animal Kingdom park's Kali River Rapids - but the possibility is enough to keep me off the ride and enjoying my role as principal photographer.

Here is my 10 year old daughter - Madalyn - thoughts on the ride:

This a ride for kids who like to get wet!  In this ride you go through a briar village, meeting Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and the evil Brer Fox.  Throughout the ride, you hear Brer Fox's nefarious (can I just say that I love that my 10 year old knows and uses this word?!) plot to eat Brer Rabbit.  Then, Brer Rabbit gets captured and almost eaten.  You will go down a huge hill.  You might get soaked!

In the end, Brer Rabbit escapes and Brer Fox eats something else.

The line to this ride can be pretty long so be sure to either use a fast pass or try to go earlier in the day.  Have fun at "my laughing place!"

Because I don't ride, I do take pictures.  There is a bridge where you can stand and watch for your family.  I have TONS of pictures of other people's families coming down the hill.  But I did manage to actually capture mine (though there are many times when I don't!!) - made much easier due to bright green matching shirts.  

So...what about you?  Do you like water rides?


Friday, March 2, 2012

Sum of All Thrills - a kids review

We have been to Disney numerous times.  I like to think of myself as an expert.  That I've done it all.  But that is not quite the reality.  Even after all these trips, there are LOTS of things that I've never seen.  There are so many fantastic little details at Disney, it's almost impossible to see it all.  But it makes me oh so happy to keep trying!

Last summer when we went, I had a list of things that we HAD to do.  And one of those things was to finally go inside of the Innoventions buildings at EPCOT.  In these buildings are interactive exhibits and games  - things like "Storm Struck" where you get to feel what it's like to be in a major storm;  "The Great Piggy Bank Adventure" where you play a really fun game to learn some financial planning (and this game deserves its own post!)

 And then there is the "Sum of all Thrills" - where you get to design and ride your own roller coaster.

This is a review of the "Sum of All Thrills" from my 10 year old - Madalyn:

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster and thought it was boring?  Did you want to change it?  Well in this adventure located in Epcot, you can create your own roller coaster!  From turtle slow to rabbit fast in just a click of a button!

After you choose your speed, you can start by choosing the first part of your ride.  You can choose from a straight line to a large loop.  One of the best parts is that you can increase your speed and your height.  After you finish designing your ride, you swipe a special card in a slot - then you take that card to a Cast member.  

That cast member will swipe your card, help you into a machine, 

and "POOF" you can ride the ride you just designed!

So...what about you?  Have you been in Innoventions?  Do you or your kids like roller coasters?