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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Main Street Bakery

I have been inside the Magic Kingdom a lot.  If I even had to fathom a guess as to how many visits in my life - I'd say about a hundred.  Or more.  But I have never (at least not in memory) been to the Main Street Bakery.  Even my last few trips, I have wanted to go there.  To nosh on that incredible looking Cinnamon roll.  But I have been foiled.

Part of it I blame on my children as they would rank the Magic Kingdom at the bottom of the four parks - so we are not here much.  And if we are here, we are racing for fast passes, Space Mountain, or a lovely breakfast with Pooh at the Crystal Palace.  And by the time we head out, it's just managed to drop off of my radar.

But on our visit in April, the stars aligned and I finally got my chance!

After going over the hours on our trip, we realized our best day to do Magic Kingdom was on a day they offered extra magic hours in the morning.  And it also happened to be a morning that the park opened at 8am.  That meant we could be in at 7am.  Which meant leaving our resort at 6am.  And getting up at 5am.  Note to readers:  if you think that you are going to sleep in on your Disney vacation - you are wrong - or you are missing out!  I don't get up this early.  Except at Disney.  There is some cruel irony there.

So, the girls and I rose crazy early.  Rode the bus and were at the rope for entrance into the MK at 7am.  The girls ran ahead to get in the standby line for Space Mountain while I was in charge of the fast passes.  We rode.  They rode.  We all rode again.  And about 10 am, we were done with Tomorrow Land and Fantasy land - and decided to head out (with the ultimate plan of going to Blizzard Beach for the remainder of the day) - but first we had to stop at the Main Street Bakery.

(photo credit for the above photo: Only WDW - thanks so much for graciously sharing your photo as I forgot to take one!  If you click on the link, you can see their review and more pictures from the bakery)

I knew I wanted to get a Cinnamon roll.  And then a few weeks ago, the Disney food Blog wrote a review of the peanut butter cup cupcake - and I knew I had to get one of those, too.  Just look at all that sugary goodness:

(Okay - who's hungry now?!)

So after looking over the case - the girls went out to get a table outside - and I got in line.  I was entertained by watching them make waffle cones for the ice cream parlor.  Which really just made me want to order more yummies! 

And then I got up to the case - ordered a chocolate croissant.  And noticed that there was only ONE peanut butter cup cupcake in the case - and the man in front of me ordered it.  ACK!  Well.  I was saved by the stars aligning.  And some pixie dust.  When they went to another case to get more cupcakes!  And then we topped off our order with the amazingly decadent cinnamon roll:

I paid for our bounty and then headed out to find the girls.  It was really challenging to tell them to wait for pictures before they could dig in!

Here is the up close and personal with the cinnamon roll:

and the chocolate croissant:

And then...the cupcake:

Isn't it gorgeous?  The frosting is peanutbutter butter cream; there are drizzles of chocolate; it's topped with that peanutbutter cup.  And.  Then.  When you cut into it:

Can you see?  There are peanut butter chips in the cake.  Oh.  My.  Word.  Delicious does not even begin to explain the wonderfulness of this cupcake.  Moist.  Luscious.  Decadent.  And I can't wait to go back to have another.

Verdict?  I would say our breakfast was fabulous - it's a great use of snack credits if you have them - or a great use of your Disney dollars if you don't.  The scent of being in there is worth a walk through - though I can't imagine not making a purchase - especially now that I have finally tried the Main Street Bakery!

So...what about you?  From the bakery case - what would you choose for your indulgence?