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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Disney Details: Muppet Vision 3-D at Hollywood Studios and a GIVEAWAY!

I love the little details that Disney does so well.  They make every experience truly immersive.  It's what sets Disney apart.  What makes it unlike other theme parks.  And why there is absolutely no way that you can even compare them to Six Flags.

We have talked about it a bit here at Keys to the Magic travel.  We've talked about the amazing queues at Toy Story Mania and the Haunted Mansion.  We've talked about the "secret" finds in Epcot like beaver butt soap or trying on kimonos in Japan.  We've talked about seeking out Divine in Animal Kingdom.

But this detail - well, I must admit, it's my favorite.

When you go to Hollywood Studios - and go to see "Muppet Vision 3-D" - be sure to check out the security window to the right of the turnstiles.  It seems rather innocuous.  And if you are rushing, you've probably never even noticed that it's there.

Let's look in the window.  There are some great "Wanted" posters on the bulletin board.  For Fozzie for impersonating a comic.  And one for Miss Piggy.  Just recognizing that everyone wants her!

And did you notice the sign in the window?

If you pull up the mat - that key - it's really there!

So, let's do a small Muppet celebration of our own!  I have a stainless steel Muppet water bottle and a set of four Muppet inspired nail polishes from OPI (colors are: Wocka Wocka!, Excuse Moi!, Better! and Warm & Fozzie).

To enter, just follow the instructions through the Rafflecopter.  If you have any problems, please email me at and we'll get it figured out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!  And if you'd like to see more Disney posts, please check out Deb's Focused on the Magic!

So...what about you?  Do you have a favorite detail at Disney?  How about a favorite Muppet?