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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Need some Captain Jack?

One of my favorite things about Disney are all the "little" shows.  And these little shows are full of big details and excellent theming.  One that you can find at the Magic Kingdom park is the "Pirate Tutorial" with Captain Jack Sparrow and his trusty sidekick, Mack.

In this show, Captain Jack will teach the intricacies of being a pirate.  Such as sword fighting.  How to bail water from your boat.  The pirate oath.  And when to run away!

It's interactive so the kids get to be part of the show - and even get a certificate to prove that they are pirates.

To find this show - it's just next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride - and be sure to consult your times guide when you get to the park for the list of performance times throughout the day.  This show does not allow time for autographs or individual pictures - let me know if you find this has changed!

So...what about you?  Are you a Pirates fan?  Have you done the Pirate tutorial?