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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pop Century Resort - a review

One of my favorite things about being on Disney property are all the signs - and the cast members who say "welcome home!" as you arrive - and as you come and go during your stay.  Most every resort we have stayed at as been our "castle" away from home (and yes, there is one that I would not stay at again - we'll talk about that one some other day!).

Today, let's talk about a value resort - Pop Century.  I stayed here last August as part of my mom's only trip (and if you haven't done an adults only trip - make plans to do it - someday, somehow - it's so worth it!).  We had a standard room (vs a preferred room which is close to the main pool, food court and bus stop) in the 80's section.

Pop Century's theme is the larger than life icons and sayings of pop culture in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

The preferred sections are in the 60s and are centered around the Hippie Dippy pool (which you can't quite tell from my photo is in the shape of a large flower).

There is also a pool in the 50s section that is shaped like a bowling pin.  And the pool right outside our resort room door was the 80s computer pool.

The food court at POP was fabulous - and they even have their own signature item - the tie-dyed cheesecake.

 (Photo source: Disney food blog - if you click on the link, there is a review of the cheesecake!)

Bus service from the resort was always prompt.  The resort does not share buses - and there is just one main bus stop location. is a value resort different from a moderate or a deluxe?  Here are the big ones:
1.  The values tend to be more about themeing - are much more "jaw-dropping" - and very much larger than life. 
2.  There are no ceiling fans in the rooms at a value
3.  At the values, there are double beds rather than queen beds (you can request a king bed, but they are not guaranteed)
4.  The bus stop does not have roof - so you are exposed to the rain or the sun.
5.  Speaking of buses - when you leave the parks to return to your resort, the value bus stops tend to be the farthest away.
6.  I think that the values have much better food courts than other resorts.
7.  Values cost a lot less money!

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Pop Century - and would absolutely recommend it to my clients - and would stay there again.

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So...what about you.  Have you stayed at Pop Century?  Which decade would you most like to stay in?