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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A review: Contemporary Resort - Club Level

Today, our post is being brought to you by my friend and fellow homeschool/public school mom - Gwyneth.  She and her family just enjoyed a great stay at the Contemporary Resort - Club level - and she has graciously agreed to write up a review for me.  Please check out Gwyneth's blog - and especially her "travels" tab so that you can find her accounting of her family's one month trip out west last summer while staying in their EuroVan!

Between school, travel time and cost, and work, there was just no way we could make it work. But then we heard that the cousins would, by some strange coincidence, be there too. And we just couldn’t pass it up. And I’m so happy that we didn’t. 

Rob needed to attend a professional society board meeting in Orlando. At Disney. At the Contemporary Hotel. And with his brother and family overlapping, we just had to make it work. We decided to have Camille fly down with Rob using a companion ticket. And I picked Chloe up from school at 4pm and drove like crazy to get down to Orlando as fast as possible. 

Chloe and I arrived at 11pm after negotiating the highways within the Disney complex. Apparently, not many people drive to Disney; the security gated parking lot at the hotel had lots of space. Unbeknownst to me, our room was actually on the “Atrium Club Concierge” level. Wow. Now that we’ve been there, I’m not sure that I can ever again go to Disney any other way. 

After meeting up with Rob and Camille, we used our key to get up to the twelfth level. As we walked along the “hall”, I suddenly realized that the monorail was right below us! Direct passage to the Magic Kingdom can’t be beat! From our room, the view of Cinderella’s castle was simply amazing. Unfortunately, we had arrived too late to see the fireworks … But we had time to get settled in the comfortable room … two queen beds and a lovely fold-out couch. Unfortunately, the wireless connection was terribly spotty; I’m glad I didn’t bring work along with me.

Being so late, we headed right to sleep in order to get up as early as possible. After showering, we headed down the hall to the concierge area and had our choice of yogurts, cereals, croissants, muffins, and more for breakfast. The coffee, even for me, a very picky coffee drinker, was good. Following our big breakfast, we hoped on the monorail and rode right over to the Magic Kingdom. We arrived just as the gates were opening and had no lines. We rushed on to the Pooh ride and then rode the tea cups a couple times before meeting the cousins at Space Mountain for Chloe’s first ever trip on Space Mountain!

During the two days we went to the parks, we split up, re-grouped, and rearranged. Having Park Hopper tickets and a hotel room on the property made the trip so, so, so much more relaxed than it would have been otherwise. We could get everywhere fast (except when the bus to Hollywood Studios was mis-marked and we had to wait over 30 minutes to get there from the hotel).

The club level was amazing. Every time we came by, there was some other set of food being served, including wine and after-dinner drinks for those who were so inclined. We spent a couple of hours at the pools. The lifeguards were friendly and attentive … we saw one jump in without hesitation when a kid was floundering in the pool.

I have now been spoiled. While I don’t generally go to Disney, we’ve been in Tokyo, Paris and Florida. And if I were to return to Disney in FL, I’d certainly want to stay at the Contemporary again.