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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wishes Fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom

Most nights in the Magic Kingdom, there is a firework show before the park closes.  And Disney does put on an amazing display of pyrotechnics.  But there is so much more to the show than bursts of lights.  Disney is actually telling a story with those dazzling flashes in the sky.  
"When stars are born, they possess a gift or two. One of them is this: they have the power to make a wish come true."
And so begins our show - with these words from the Blue Fairy.  Jiminy Cricket is our narrator and he tells us that he didn't believe in wishes.  But some things changed his mind.   We then get to hear the wishes of many Disney characters.  Ariel.  Peter Pan.  Snow White.  There are wishes for adventure.  For love.  And for something magical!  
And this part of the show has one of my favorite things - the flight of Tinkerbell from the castle into Tomorrow land.  It's not an image I'd ever be able to capture - but one that gives me chills every time I am there to experience it!

And then, things take a turn with the Villains taking over - led by the Evil Queen from Snow White.  Naturally, good triumphs over evil and the show closes with this thought, again, from the Blue Fairy:

"We must always believe in our wishes, for they are the magic in the world."
Where can you see Wishes?  Well, you can see it from just about anywhere in the park - but we like to be on Main Street so that we can see the projections on the castle.  And I especially like to see it from the Wishes dessert party so that I don't have to stake out a spot too far ahead of time.  
Another great spot is at the resorts around the lagoon.  The Polynesian is a great one - and especially great if you want to watch the fireworks on a day you aren't going to a park - you can come to the resort and claim a spot on the beach to watch.  At the Contemporary Resort is another great option - either from an amazing Theme park view room or at dinner at the California Grill. 
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So...what about you?  Where is your favorite place to watch Wishes?  Tell me what you "wish" to do next time you are at Disney World!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little Night Magic - Illuminations in Epcot

Each night around the World Showcase Lagoon, you can witness the beautiful music, dancing fountains and fireworks that is Illuminations.  Like so many things at Disney, there is actually a story to the show you are seeing - it's so much more than cool pyrotechnics!

It all begins with the lighting of the torches around the world showcase.  It's reminiscent of gathering around the fire to hear an epic story.  As the story is about to begin, the lights go out - including the lights on Spaceship Earth.

And it all begins with a bang!  Actually, it's Act I of the show: Chaos.  It's the beginning of things - and with that we have fire.

We quickly move into Act II: Order (or Life and adventure).  We have the cooling of the fires - and the movement of the Earth across the waters.  With the cooling, there are fountains and laser lights.  Then, on that globe, you can see images from around the world.  Of famous places.  Buildings.  People.  Then at the end of this act, all the buildings around the showcase light up and there are more fireworks.

And finally, Act III - Meaning (Finale).  The torches around the lagoon are re-lit and the globe itself blossoms like a flower to show that we are all one - and a torch of light comes forward.  And then there is the finale itself with white fireworks illuminating the entire area.

Where are the best spots to view Illuminations?

And actually - there are lots of really good spots - the key is to find a spot without trees - especially overhead as you won't be able to get clear views of the fireworks (quite a few spots with obstructed views like this near England and Canada) - and a spot without islands in your view.  Another key is to make sure that you pick a spot where the wind is not in your face!  (Otherwise you'll have both smoke and ashes from the fireworks headed towards you and it will not be a good experience.)

Here are some of my favorite places to watch:

1.  The above photos were taken from America - close to Italy. We had one obstruction - and you can see the fence post in most of my pictures.
2.  On the bridge between England and France.
3.  Between the two shops where future world meets the world showcase.  (This is great because it's now easy to leave the park from here!)
4.  In Mexico - you can see it from the restaurant La Hacienda - and there are lots of spots along the lagoon between Mexico and Norway.
5.  In Japan - from Tokyo dining
6.  At a patio table at the Rose And Crown in England.

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So...what about you?  Which Disney night time show is your favorite?  Do you have a favorite spot to view Illuminations?