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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pressed Pennies

There are lots and lots of options for souvenirs at Disney World.  There are t-shirts.  Blankets.  Beach towels.  Mickey measuring cups.  Mugs.  Pins.  Art.  You can spend a lot.  Or.  Today I am going to tell you about a cool souvenir that does not break the bank.  And not only is it a souvenir - it's an activity.

To do this activity - you need to do a little prep work.  First is to save pennies and quarters.  For those pennies, try to find ones minted pre-1982.  The ones made after 1982 are made with zinc and sometimes you can't see the pressed image quite so well.  With those saved older pennies - you can shine them up using vinegar.

Then, buy your kids - or yourself - a treat!  You need a tube of m&ms - and the mini m&ms are usually sold this way.  Eat your m&ms and I'll show you a new use for your container.  This tube is a great way to organize your pennies!  What you will do is stack 2 quarters and then your new, shined, pre-1982 penny.  Repeat - filling up your tube.  Now you are ready to press!

When you are in the four parks.  At your resort.  At downtown Disney.  You will see pressed penny machines that look like this:

Each machine is different - and will offer (usually) three different images that you could press on to your penny.  (There are pressed quarter machines too - but we deemed that too pricey)  We let the kids pick one each time they noticed one - or until our pennies ran out.

These are two of the images we have pressed onto our pennies.

You can also purchase books for about $7 to keep all your pennies organized.  This is the one we got about 6 years ago:

And here is our penny collection.

Not too shabby for a 51 cent souvenir!!

How about you?  Have you pressed pennies before?  Do you think this is an activity your kids would like?