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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

England's Red Phone Booths in Epcot's World Showcase

The red phone booth is one of the many iconic images of England - and you can find a set of three of them in Epcot's World Showcase.  It's a must do photo-op!
But those phone booths - they are more than a photo-op - they are an opportunity to spread some Disney magic.  And this is magic that you can spread from home!
All you have to do is call the phone booths and see if someone at Disney answers.  I like to call and wish people a magical day.  Ask them if they have seen any princesses yet.  Or if they have had a chance to grab a beer at the Rose and Crown pub.  
We have these numbers programmed into our cell phones - and it's fun to call while you are there at the parks, too.  Surprise a child playing in the booth with a phone call.
Here are the phone booth numbers:
  • Right Booth: 407 827-9861
  • Left Booth: 407 827-9862
  • Center Booth: 407 827-9863
If you'd like to see more Disney photos around the letter E theme, please check out Deb's Focused on the Magic!

So...what about you?  Have you ever gotten a phone call in the red booth?  Are you going to go and spread some pixie dust?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Ziti Sisters show in EPCOT's Italy

There are some great shows around the world showcase in Epcot.  Like Miyuki in Japan.  Or Serveur Amusant in France.  Or the Dragon acrobats in China.  For my younger daughter, the Ziti Sisters are a can't miss experience.  Because every time we've seen them, she's also managed to become part of the show.

The Ziti sisters are Carmella, Katia, Rosalia, Paulina, and Teresa - and they appear most days for five shows in Epcot's Italy pavillion.  (Be sure to check the times guide as you arrive in the park to get the times for your date.)
 (above photo, © Disney)

Led by the sister on the accordion, the sisters "teach" about high Italian traditions such as music, fashion, dance and art.  And as they teach - they get the entire audience involved.  
Here, they are teaching about music and dance:

And here we have a lesson on art (or as they say - ar-tay!)

The show is great fun - and very funny!  So...what about you?  Do you have a favorite show in Epcot?  Have you ever seen the Ziti sisters?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Epcot's Mitsukoshi Department Store (or why Iove Japan in the World Showcase, part III)

Why I love Japan in the World Showcase Part II

One of the best stores in all of Disney World - ranking right up there with World of Disney and Mouse Gears - is the Mitsukoshi department store located in Epcot's Japan.  It is a must do for our entire family - and I don't think we've ever walked out without purchasing something. There is truly something for everyone inside.

The store itself is divided into "boutique" areas.  And when you first walk in, your first area is for Hello Kitty.  (I so wish I could understand the appeal. And did you know that there is a whole Hello Kitty house in China?  Go ahead, google it.  I'll wait for you to come back...)

And just across from Hello Kitty, we have Pokemon land.  I find it interesting that my girls need to peruse both of these areas!

There are also areas with anime "things"that I don't know anything about - well, except that they are anime "things."

Then, the very loud part of the store includes the pick a pearl.  This is a really fun and inexpensive experience.  For about $15, you can choose an oyster - and with a grand production (including drums!) they will open your oyster to reveal your pearl.  (Tip:  The best pearls are supposed to be inside the ugliest, hairiest oysters!)  The pearl isn't expensive, but some of the settings can be a bit pricey.

Further into the store you'll find Japanese t-shirts, shoes, socks (we love to get flip-flop socks here), purses, and even berets.

There is an entire room of Kimonos for all (women, men, children) including some gorgeous accessories like hair clips or even parasols.

You can find bonsai trees, books on calligraphy, home decor.  Hundreds of different styles of chopsticks.  Tea sets.  Dishes.

And then we get to one of our favorite parts - the grocery section.  And what a treasure trove it is.  My girls always have to get a box of Pocky (though we are thrilled that we can find it at our grocery and Target now!).

And they really like to get gummy candies.  We try to find flavors that they have never heard of.  Like "mangosteen."

Another unique item is the drink - Ramune.  It's a carbonated fruity drink - but in order to drink it, you have to push a marble through the top and then it rattles in the glass while you drink it.  You have to practice the way you drink it so that the marble doesn't clog the flow of the liquid as you try to sip it!  This one also has a lot of unique flavors - and my girls like to keep the interestingly shaped bottles as souvenirs.

There are all kinds of other unique food offerings.  They have bags of dried crabs. Still in the shell.  Shrimp chips (not a fan!).  Wasabi flavored dried peas.  Dried octopus.  But I suppose the most sought after is candy.

We always try to get something new each time.  And we especially like getting something where we have NO idea as to what it is.

So...what about you?  Have you shopped at Mitsukoshi?  What did you buy?!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Serveur Amusant show in Epcot's France

I have heard many times from friends and clients that they are not sure that Epcot will appeal to their kids.  That it has too much emphasis on education.  And that they skip most of the world showcase because only two of the countries have rides.  But I want to make it one of my missions to convince you that Epcot and in particular the world showcase is not to be missed.  I've told you about things to do in one of our favorite countries - Japan (trying on Kimonos and seeing Miyuki), about the beauty of Canada, and today I want to tell you about one of the shows in France - Serveur Amusant.

The show happens in front of Les Chefs de France restaurant - be sure to get a times guide when you first enter the park so that you can see all the times it's performed during the day - and find one that will work for your touring plan.

In this show, two waiters (who never speak) do a balancing act with bottles of champagne and chairs.  It's pretty amazing to see.

We start with a table and the handing off of the bottles:

Then the bottles are placed, and he begins to stack the chairs:

And perhaps an acrobatic feat is thrown in as well:

Then, the stack of chairs gets higher and higher:

And then, the Pièce de résistance:

Amazing and completely entertaining for the entire family. about you?  Have you seen Serveur Amusant?  Do you have a favorite world showcase show?


Monday, July 9, 2012

Karamell Kuche (aka Caramel Kitchen) at Epcot

Karamell Kuche is in Germany in the World Showcase in Epcot (don't you love strings of prepositional phrases?!).  It's a rather unassuming little shop - and I think it could be easily overlooked.  Unless someone happens to know it's there.  And if that someone happens to know it's there and opens the door - the scent of that caramel wafting by will surely beckon all who are passing to enter the doors.

Oh.  That scent.  They should truly bottle it.  Behind the counter, you can see the caramel concoctions that are being created.  You might see them dipping marshmallows into caramel.  Or mixing caramel into popcorn.  Or perhaps you can just gaze at their newest caramel drizzled yummies.

(IF only computers had scent-o-vision)

I know it might not seem like it based on some of my posts here (like the one about the Main Street Bakery) - but I really do have a preference of savory and salty to that of sweet.  Meaning a loaf of bread, a bag of doritos, some popcorn would be my preference over ice cream, candy, or heaven forbid - even chocolate.  So...there is your caveat for my review!

Katie actually had one of those caramel drizzled cupcakes and she deemed it way too sweet.  Another offering that was also too sweet was the chocolate chip cookie with caramel drizzle:

I agree with her.

But she did try the salted milk chocolate and caramel and deemed it delish:

Now, Madalyn tends to pick my favorite - that delightful combination of sweet and savory - a chocolate and caramel covered pretzel.

And last summer, Hannah picked the caramel apple (they will slice it for you so that it's easier to eat - and easier to share - but Hannah wanted to eat it from the stick!) - which she said was fabulous:

So...what about you?  Do you like sweet or salty?  What caramel covered treat would you like to try?


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I love Canada in the World Showcase

I think that Canada is often one of the most overlooked countries in Epcot's World Showcase.  There is no ride.  No counter service.  And people just keep walking. But I also think it's one of the most beautiful in the World Showcase.  And deserves a moment of stopping to check it out.

When you approach from Future World, enter a path by the check in booth for LeCellier, and you are now in Victoria Gardens.  And it's simply exquisite.  Your kids should be on the look out for the bunnies that live here.

Keep wandering down the path and it narrows between a rock wall - and you'll come out at a gorgeous water fall - and the entrance to "O Canada" (which is a circle vision movie showing the beauty of Canada and narrated by Martin Short).

In addition to the gardens, there is the beautiful representative of the Hotel du Canada.

There are Native influenced totems.

A trading post.

And there are some great souvenirs to be found here.  Naturally, there are Canadian tshirts, Pluto dressed as a Canadian Mountie, and even cute beaver stuffed animals.  But you can also find Canadian chocolates (like my girls' favorite - the Aero bar).

 And my personal favorite - assortments of soap with fantastic names like "Beaver Butt," "Dog Team Drool" and "Sasquatch Sweat."

So next time you are in the world showcase, take a moment to explore.  And I promise you'll find the amazing Disney details!

So...what about you?  Have you explored Canada?  Do you have a favorite country in the World Showcase?

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